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Rogues Gallery

What farm chic glamping site would be complete without a few farm characters? When you arrive, keep a close eye for a few of these guys floating around……

Ed The Farmer: -

the dogs body, the go to guy, the creator of Perry Tree Glamping. Our man Ed was born and raised right here on his family’s farm. He is now the fourth generation to farm here and hopes to continue the fine work of those before him.

Likes – cheese, sport of any kind, sampling the local brews and a love of the great British countryside.

Dislikes – dry sponge, aubergines and people who litter.

Doris & Delila: -

our resident pedigree Zwartble sheep. These two can be found roaming the site just doing their own thing really. The were bought as pets for my mother and refused to join the main flock – too much pampering if you ask me! So now they reside in the orchard and will let you know when they’re hungry! Likes – eating flowers, getting in the way, bleating. Dislike – being sheared, wolves


my main man. I love this goat. He is everything that a pygmy goat should be - small, punchy and very cute. Joey will always be the first to come say “hello”. Likes – doing whatever he wants. Bunting – decorative and the physical action. Dislikes – the sheep dog – those two do not get on.

Lady Victoria & Little Lorry: -

the youngest of the pygmy goat trio. Lady Victoria often has heirs and graces above her station, but luckily Little Lorry brings her back down to earth. A right characterful couple these two, I just hope they last the summer. Likes – brioche & Brexit. Grass Dislike – personal hygiene and other poorer goats.

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