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Nestled in the heart of beautiful Herefordshire, we are the perfect base to get out and explore all we have to offer. The county sign welcomes people with “Herefordshire - Here You Can”......and certainly will.

Storm a Castle

We are a part of the world that is steeped in history. Whether it was trying to keep out our Welsh neighbours (we’re still trying) or fending off attacks and religion from the north, we’ve had it all. Get into Hereford to explore this historic city with it’s majestic cathedral and worlds oldest map. Head over the welsh boarders for castles galore or stay a little closer to home and ransack Eastnor Castle with it’s medieval displays


A food revolution is in the air and the area has been quick to jump on board. Hereford now boasts some of the best boutique and niche eating places for miles around. You can pretty much get any of the worlds deliquesces within a stones throw of one another. Simply ask and you’ll be pointed in the right direction.

Fancy a Ramble?

Leave your tent and turn right, and you’ll be able to have a walk around the farm or beautiful surrounding countryside. Gaze through the tree line and you’ll see the world famous Malvern hills in the distance. Or make a day of it and explore the book shops of Hay after taking on the stunning Hay Bluff walk way on the Welsh Boarders

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